Star Trek Typography

Typography in Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

Image courtesy of CBS

Star Trek’s latest incarnation is Star Trek Discovery. Overall, a darker show with a more cinematic and continuous plot-line than any previous Star Trek show.

There is a great lengthy discussion about the use of typography throughout the history of Star Trek which you should check out. But back to now… Other than the opening sequence of ST:Discovery, there isn’t enough attention paid to the details of typography in this series.

The prime example is the use of small caps for Klingon dialogue subtitles. This is a particularly unusual choice for any video entertainment. The font which appears to be Mrs Eves is a great font, but small-caps, like ALL-CAPS is difficult to read in large quantities. As subtitles, Mrs Eves (Small Caps) is often challenging to read when placed on the incredible visuals of the show. The required size of the lettering forces more multi-line subtitles than is typical. When a Capital letter appears, it makes the leading look very tight. In our modern world, ALL-CAPS implies yelling, which is not the intention of the show. There is also inconsistency with the use of quote-marks and apostrophes, sometimes using incorrect straight marks.

I’m hoping that those in charge of subtitles will take an additional look at their work now that the first season is over.



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