A new beginning

Two color printing from 1720s bible.

Two color printing from 1720s bible.

My name is Ray Buetens and I’m one half of Slub Design. Our Work will give you a taste for what we’ve done and continue to do. We are based in Aptos, CA. Population: 6,220. We live and work in the redwood trees with ocean fog never too far away. I’m certain that the world doesn’t need another blog, yet here I am. The plan for this blog: useful and short tutorials about graphic design and web design (including WordPress tricks), design and art experiments that have nowhere else to exist, and observations about design from the past to the future.

What this blog will not have is an endless stream of images from tumblr and other blogs.

Interesting images and news can be found at About and our social media accounts (bottom of all pages). Please check back on a regular basis and post questions and comments.

Regular visitors to this site will notice that the site has been completely redesigned, along with a new logo. Both items were many years in the making. I will have some details about the design and creation of both the site and the logo in future posts.

Thanks for being you.


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